Dallas Cohousing

Jasmine Vase    

Community Workdays for Common Areas occur monthly for 3-4 hours.

Tasks:  Gardening, cleanup, painting, change filters, repairs & maintenance, etc.

Adults are expected to volunteer for 1/2 of them each year.

If each workday equals 1 point, you need 6 points/year.



Added point value-

    Emergency services: plumbing or electrical repair, appliance

      repair, ice clearing, etc

    Bill paying

    Community Workday scheduling & point accounting

    Web maintenance?

    Bulk shopper (see Community Purchases)



If members are NOT physically able to participate, there needs to be a value assigned to points to be paid.

Perhaps bill them at the “Livable wage scale” for the time they need to contribute?

Members may volunteer to work for someone else & credit them the points.

Points are NOT sellable; the idea is to build community.

If a member is able to work, but is short on points, perhaps bill them at 1.5 times the “Livable wage scale” for shortages?