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What Is Cohousing & Why Should I Care?

Sat., Sept. 19, 2015, 2-4 pm

The Grove, Dallas

501 Elm St, Ste 450, Dallas, TX


Imagine that:
   •   You know your neighbors.
   •   You own your own home.
   •   Your kids always have someone to play with, and always have a babysitter available.
   •   You live sustainably, with a small carbon footprint.
   •   You share some meals, laundry and work space, pool, garden, maybe even a car.
   •   You age in place, that is, stay in your home as long as possible.


All these, and more, are possible in cohousing, a return to village life, in which owner-residents design and manage their own community.


Join us to learn about and discuss cohousing with special guest Alice Alexander, Executive Director of the Cohousing Association of the USA.


Alice will make a 20-min. presentation about cohousing, followed by discussion. We hope folks from other cohousing projects under way in the DFW area, will attend to share their visions, including Wildflower Ecovillage.


Please bring a snack to share!


Alice is driven by her belief in the benefits of creating community, from enriching our lives, to reducing our environmental impact, to increasing economic sustainability. This belief is reflected in all that she has done: in volunteer leadership service and professional executive staffing for myriad nonprofit organizations. Alice is co-founder of Durham Central Park Cohousing Community, based in a 24-unit building self-developed in downtown Durham, NC.  


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