Dallas Cohousing


Green Design is cheaper to operate

Repurposing an existing structure: warehouse example - add a patio, with a glass end and glass front condos facing it

Hallways are wasted space-

incorporate into living areas

Less exposed surface area/ Cubic Ft =

less air conditioning

Durability & sustainability:  Durable materials = longer life and less landfill

The average house built today has a life expectancy of ~50 years

Sealed concrete floors throughout, with rugs, uses structure materials for the finish

Steel framing is- recyclable, termite and fire resistant. (MAY avoid a sprinkler system)

Block and/or double stud demising walls

(for sound and fire-block)

Electrical in conduit for easy replacement

Consider metal roof or

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam roof

Metal HVAC Ducts

Recycled (and Recyclable) building materials when available