Dallas Cohousing

Jasmine Vase

Upgrades (Guesstimates)

#a- ~$83/SF for additional units joined to first one with-OUT a demising wall,

but with an additional restroom with shower (near the sewer)

#b- ~$79/SF of 2nd story - plus stair costs (straight, spiral, or ladder type)

Minimum ~ 160 SF

Any 2nd story that is more than the minimum SF, MUST add option #c

#c- ~ $3900/ additional restroom

with shower (near the sewer)

#d- ~ $700-1000 for each additional door; ~$59/ Linear Ft. of wall (42 LF minimum), more money if over 8’ high)

#e - ~ $_____/additional Solatube

#f - ~ $1500/ additional window (~3’ X 5’)

#g - Double garage / storage unit- 400 SF  ~$20,000 + garage maintenance fee + ~$100/ yr for electricity for the openers or separately meter if has HVAC and/or electric vehicles

Garages ONLY built in multiples of 2

#h - Surface parking is free for 1 space per single unit and 2 per double.  Additional spaces leased at $60/year.

#i - At least (2) outside corners of the building are reserved for double units who are willing to install the most Sq Ft of glass for the extra wall

Maximum: 2 unit and 2 floor

if 800 SF/ unit, 3200 SF with (4) restrooms and (2) car a garage.